It's like other business phone systems but on steroids.

Upgrade your businesses phone system while simultaneously saving money - no matter how small or large your business.

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Just because your business is small doesn't mean you can't have a phone system like a big business, and just because your business is large doesn't mean you should pay a fortune for your phone system. No matter the size of your business, has the tools your business requires from a PBX. Get your phone system off the ground fast with one of our pre-designed call flow images or use them as a starting point for your custom design.
Create menu's with ease

Create simple menu's that ask callers to press (1) for sales and (2) for support or expand your menu to include user extensions, links to user authentication, and more.

Menu's support unlimited options and can be placed anywhere in your business phone system's call design.

Set open and closed hours

Time conditions allow you to set your open and closed hours. Put a time condition at the beginning of your businesses phone system or anywhere in your call design, it's like your time based gate keeper.

Select a destination for your open hours and a separate destination for your closed hours. You can even put time conditions before individual extensions to respect the varying business hours of employees that may reside in different time zones.

Never miss a call with ring groups

Ring up to ten traditional phone numbers and ten SIP endpoints at the same time, the first one to answer gets to speak to the caller. Use call confirm to ensure callers never receive your personal or wireless voice mail.

Hold music, custom caller ID, and custom no answer destinations are all options of ring groups. Best of all, when you answer calls using a SIP endpoint the B leg of the call is absolutely FREE.

Put a phone in your office!

Your subscription includes unlimited SIP endpoints. Link endpoints to an analog telephone adapter (ATA) or your existing VoIP phones and take advantage of FREE and low cost calls.
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Unlimited Voice mail Boxes

Create unlimited voice mail boxes for your team and manage them in a unified mailbox. Receive new messages via email ensuring a message is never missed.

Built-In Conferencing

Leave those free conference services behind, your business PBX includes support for an unlimited amount of conference rooms, you can even restrict access with password protection.

Amazing Support

When you need assistance from our team we're here to help. The integrated support system in allows our staff to assist you with every step of your call design creation.

With subscriptions starting at only $10.00 a month, it's no wonder businesses small and large are switching to

Give us a try and find out what the fuss is about.

Business Phone System Call Flow Images

Launch your business phone system virtually instantly with a previously designed call flow image.
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Small Business Made Easy Small Business ADVANCED August 8th 2018 PUBLIC
Direct Conference Line Small Business ADVANCED August 23rd 2018 PUBLIC